What is reveal.js?

The standard among academic economists to produce slides for a presentation is to use the "Beamer" document class in LaTex to create slides as a PDF file.

Fun alternative: reveal.js, which allows you create presentation slides directly in a webpage.

Using a static PDF has advantages: namely reliability (you know exactly what the slides will look like, no internet required). Also LaTeX has great packages to generate figures (e.g. TikZ).

But reveal.js also offers some nice things, like smooth transitions and expanded interactivity, such as arranging your slides in two dimensions rather than one (press the down key right now!), or drawing on your slides with the mouse (click the pencil icon).

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Displaying nice things

Here's some math from LaTeX syntax: $$ w = \frac{MRPL}{1+\epsilon^{-1}} $$ Formatting for inline code:


Displaying nice things

Here's some math: $$ w = \frac{MRPL}{1+\epsilon^{-1}} $$

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